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xo_gossipgirl's Journal

xo Gossip Girl
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Welcome to xo_GossipGirl. This community was made for all things about the show gossip girl. Here you can post your fanfiction, fanvids, icons and anything else you want. So feel free to get creative.

Now of course this community has a few rules so here they are:
1) Be respectful of everyone, you can disagree with an opinion obviously but there is a difference between ridiculing an opinion and ridiculing the person who made it.
2) Use Cuts for spoilers. Feel free to post spoilers that involve the show. Just make sure to post them behind a cut with a warning. Don't know how to make a cut? Click Here
3) Use cuts for image heavy posts. If you are posting more then three icons, put them behind a cut. Also if you are posting a larger image please put it behind a cut. That way it won't mess with any one's friends page.

That's about it for the rules. Finally some Credits: The layout came from _excentric_ The picture for the user info header came from Blake Lively Fan (Edited by xdisarmed and the info layout came from tillyness.

Thats all for now. So join and enjoy.